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Our RIS solution focuses on managing the patient’s care and the practice resources. 


Our PACS solutions create an improved working environment for the radiographer, radiologist & referring doctor as well as enhancing patient care. 


Yasasii is a modern, evolving Healthcare Information System (HIS) built for organisations with facilities ranging from primary healthcare centres to multi-speciality tertiary care institutions.


Our billing platform forms the backbone of most radiology practices in South Africa.


Dictation software allows for a full-lifecycle transcription solution for all the clinical documentation within the RIS/PACS workflow. 


Vertex in Healthcare is a medical IT & workflow solution designed to streamline Patient Management.


The need for new products, IT solutions and technology has grown in the past 5 years. It is no secret that advancements in technology have allowed doctors to diagnose and treat patients better. This has resulted in the saving of more lives and the improvement of the quality of care offered. Medical technology is continuing to evolve, exposing doctors and healthcare practitioners to new equipment in private practice and in the hospital environment. Failure to stay up to date with technology may have serious consequences for both doctors and their patients. We understand the need for doctors to stay up to date with the technology that enables better healthcare and services.


Continuous improvement of patient care has become an overall objective for all healthcare practitioners with the overall outcome being greater patient satisfaction. The quality of healthcare is in essence determined by the quality of infrastructure, quality of training, the competency of staff and efficiency of the processes being used. The fundamental requirement is an adoption of a system that is patient-centric. ProMed is committed to ensuring that all its intentions are able to drive and ensure better patient care.


Technology alone is not sufficient. The best intentions can be laid bare if the skills to implement are lacking or missing completely. Without skilled personnel, many of the services offered by the radiology fraternity would be of very little value. Pro Med has invested in developing the skills of both internal staff, our external service partners and the customers we serve. By doing this we ensure that patient care remains the highest priority of all.

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