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Designed for the requirements of the modern radiology practice VIH RIS is a fully-faceted practice management solution that attends to the specific needs of each practice.



Our RIS solution focuses on managing the patient’s care and the practice resources.

Streamlined patient data capture with DICOM Worklist to modalities reduces duplication of effort, staff requirements and errors. From Scheduler through to same day feeing and medical aid claim processing, workflow is enhanced at every step of the patient's journey through the Radiology department.

Prism is Popia compliant, with an at rest encrypted database and encryption applied to documents in transit, to maximise the security of your patient's data.

Of primary importance is the provision made for office administration and billing software.

Our thorough understanding of radiology workflow offers radiology, practice management, and reporting solutions a 360 degree view of your practice.

HL7 integration,  allows the exchange of crucial information between the RIS,  PACS and hospital information systems(HIS), enabling the practice to share patient demographics and study information from one site to another, in real-time.

Our strength lies in our locally based research and development team who are able to tailor a solution to the SA market and are constantly polling users to find ways to enhance radiology practice efficiency and workflow.

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